Workers' Compensation Board Joint Governance Committee

Workers' Compensation Board Joint Governance Committee

The Workers’ Compensation Board Joint Governance Committee (WCB JGC) provides contract management, leadership, discussion and oversight on the WCB/DNS contract and facilitates regular dialogue/discussion on topics of mutual interest in the provision of medical services for injured workers.

The WCB JGC is responsible for:

  • Contract compliance and oversight, including monitoring to ensure the contract is achieving the desired outcomes; clarifying & interpreting the contract terms; and amending the contract terms & conditions as necessary ; and 
  • Consultation and input into WCB’s relevant positions, practices, program development and other areas that may impact the interface between the physicians and WCB or impact the physician’s office operations.

WCB JGC members will obtain guidance and/or decision-making authority from their respective organizations as required (e.g.: CEO, Board of Directors, etc.).

Decisions are consensus based. 


Physicians interested in serving on the WCB JGC must:

  • Be a member of Doctors Nova Scotia
  • Have a solid understanding of workers compensation billings and issues
  • Be willing to commit to a three-year term
  • Be willing to represent the entire physician membership, not just their own interests
  • Be willing to work collaboratively with WCB 

Time commitment 

Serving on the WCB JGC requires:

  • Quarterly meetings (each two hours long)
  • Review of meeting materials
  • Issues review and communication between scheduled meetings
  • Additional meetings as required
WCB Joint Governance Committee Membership
Member Date elected/appointed
Dr. Manoj Vohra, WCB co-chair September 2018
Dr. Chris Milburn, DNS co-chair September 2018
WCB representatives
Daniel Makhan January 2021
Cody Smith 2021
Tracy Newman 2022
DNS representatives
Dr. Nina Lucas December 2021
Dr. Cindy Marshall June 2020
Dr. Edvin Koshi December 2021
Jessica Moore, staff September 2018
Nichole Elizabeth, staff October 2022

Note: WCB JGC members cannot send delegates to JGC meetings on their behalf.

Expression of interest

Doctors Nova Scotia members interested in serving on the WCB JGC should submit an Expression of Interest form.


Jessica Moore
Compensation manager, Physician Agreement and Fee Schedule

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