Community Physician Hospitality Fund

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Community Physician Hospitality Fund

Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) continues to help physicians recruit other physicians to their communities through the annual Community Physician Hospitality Fund. The fund supports local physicians in the recruitment process. This funding is intended to supplement and complement NSH recruitment activities.

Application guidelines

Applications are being accepted for hospitality grants worth a maximum of $5,000 each, for a total of $50,000, to help support physician recruitment and retention activities in communities across the province.

Who can apply?

The funds are available to physicians from across the province. Preference will be given to applications from physicians working with community organizations involved in physician recruitment for their community.

What types of activities are eligible?

Eligible activities include hosting dinners or other meals, organizing and conducting community tours, paying for meeting expenses, purchasing welcome gifts and covering expenses associated with other physician recruitment efforts.

What is the application process?

To apply for a DNS Community Physician Hospitality Fund grant in 2022–23:

Fund recipients will be required to agree in writing to terms and conditions pertaining to the DNS Community Physician Hospitality Fund program. All funds awarded will be provided in full upon receipt of the signed terms and conditions document. Six months after receiving the funding, all recipients are required to submit a short, written summary explaining how the funds have been spent.


Jennifer Girard
Physician advisor (Zone 4-Central)
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4912

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