New fees and adjustments

New fees and adjustments

You can apply for new fees or fee adjustments to help ensure the MSI Physician’s Manual (also known as the fee schedule) reflects modern health-care delivery.

Apply for a new fee/adjustment

If you would like to see a new fee code implemented or feel that a current fee code should be changed, you can download a new fee/adjustment application form and submit it to the Fee Committee for their consideration.

Applications are accepted twice a year: March 31 and Sept. 30. Applications received after either date are held and considered with those submitted for the next deadline.

Application help

Doctors Nova Scotia staff are available to help you prepare and submit your application. 

To understand how fee applications are evaluated, see the May 2015 issue of doctorsNS.


Derek Law
Compensation manager, fee-for-service
Jessica Moore
Compensation manager, Physician Agreement and Fee Schedule