Governance and accountability

Governance and accountability

The Physician Agreement Management Group (PAMG), co-chaired by Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) and the Department of Health (DHW), will oversee contract governance and oversight for both the Physician Agreement AND the C/AFP Agreement. 

Accountability and deliverables

Each C/AFP department’s deliverables are monitored by the C/AFP department heads. Each department head reports to DHW, the health authority and Dalhousie University on the department’s annual deliverables, and on a quarterly basis through the submission of a quarterly scorecard. The department is also responsible for providing a vacancy report, complement report and a report regarding work outside the C/AFP on a quarterly basis. Each department is also required to provide a disbursement report and audited financial statements annually.

New in the 2023 C/AFP contract

A new framework for C/AFP deliverables, accountability and reporting is in development. Current deliverables will be extended until new deliverables have been discussed and agreed upon. There will be no change to contributions and supports to C/AFP departments from Dalhousie, IWK Health or NSH until the new deliverables are completed, and then only with agreement from each of the parties.

This new framework will enable C/AFP physicians and departments to capture their work more accurately, translating to more effective reporting and enhanced alignment on expectations. See more information in the C/AFP MOU, Appendix 6 in the C/AFP contract.


Maureen Connolly
Compensation manager, clinical/academic funding plans

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