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Kevin Chapman speaks to CTV.
December 4, 2019

Families call hasty meeting with Shannex after letter about doctors

CTV Atlantic

Doctors Nova Scotia says creative short-term solutions will be needed, and a new contract with the province may help facilitate that, but the long-term has to be the end-game.

"We simply don't have enough physicians in the province," said Doctors Nova Scotia President Kevin Chapman. "You know, it's much better getting your care in the nursing home than to go to the emergency room."

A picture of Dartmouth General Hospital.
December 3, 2019

Every full-time doctor at the Dartmouth General is chipping in for the hospital's expansion

CBC Nova Scotia

After years of waiting, the three-storey expansion at the Dartmouth General Hospital is set to officially open Tuesday and those who will work in the new space are invested in more ways than one.

Every full-time physician at the hospital has donated to the Dartmouth, N.S., hospital foundation's fundraising campaign. Combined, the 85 doctors have committed to giving $660,000 to pay for some of the equipment that they will soon be using.

Dr. Gary Ernest
November 29, 2019

DNS on the new deal

CBC Cape Breton, Information Morning

Digesting the deal for the doctors... now that a new agreement has been reached between the province and physicians, Gary Ernest, President of Doctors Nova Scotia, outlines the arrangement, and what it will mean for your healthcare.

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