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May 17, 2019

Doctors Nova Scotia Appealing Court Decision

CKBW Radio

Doctors Nova Scotia will appeal a Nova Scotia Supreme Court decision allowing government to negotiate directly with doctors.

Justice Robin C. Gogan recognized Doctors NS as the sole bargaining agent for physicians but raised concerns around the scope of their influence.

At issue are Alternative Payment Plans or APPs which allow doctors to work on a salaried or part-time basis.

CEO of Doctors Nova Scotia, Nancy MacCreadie-Williams says since APPs were introduced the relationship between doctors and the province has chilled.

Medical supplies.
May 7, 2019

Shortage of anesthesiologists in Yarmouth raises concern among pregnant women

Global National News

Yarmouth general practitioner Dr. Joe Gillis, who also delivers babies, says the impact of this shortage is already being felt. Gillis says women who need anesthetics during deliveries are less likely to receive them on time. He cites an example from last week.

“A woman wanted an epidural. She was going to have to wait two hours. She did wait two hours, and then, by the time it was ready to get the epidural, she was fully dilated. She was able to push, and we had her baby,” Gillis explained.

Dr. Gary Ernest
April 28, 2019

Can't ignore frustrated patient's 'heartbreaking' video

CTV News Atlantic

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