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a black female physician sits infront of a computer providing virtal care to a paient on the computer monitor
May 15, 2024

Doctors Nova Scotia calls Virtual Care NS 'a Band-Aid solution' | CBC News

CBC News Nova Scotia

The president of Doctors Nova Scotia, the group that speaks for physicians in the province, told a legislature committee on Tuesday that virtual care is "a Band-Aid solution" to the growing number of people without regular access to a primary care team. Dr. Colin Audain said Virtual Care NS and Maple, the private company that provides basic care through a computer or mobile device, was not the answer to the problem — though he acknowledged it was better than nothing.

health care worker at desk with paper work and blood pressure cuff on the desk
April 25, 2024

Podcast: The Todd Veinotte Show April 25th, 2024

CityNews Halifax

Hour 1: Dr. Colin Audain, president of Doctors Nova Scotia, joins Todd to discuss the MD shortage.

row of medical file folders
April 22, 2024

Walk-in clinic closures sign of physician shortage, says Doctors Nova Scotia president


Jackie Van Amburg works in the provincial government and commutes through the Scotia Square mall in downtown Halifax nearly every day.

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