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image of Jan Coates holding her Dr. Strang Community Hero award
June 15, 2021

Wolfville children’s author among Dr. Strang community hero award winners


The Wolfville children’s author put her creativity to work in a different way to help those in need during COVID-19 and has been honoured with the Dr. Robert Strang Community Hero Award for her dedication to creating and selling face masks for charitable causes.

headshot of Dr. Heather Johnson, President, Doctors Nova Scotia
June 15, 2021

Meet the new president of Doctors Nova Scotia

CBCListen - Information Morning - NS with Louise Renault, Portia Clark

The new president of Doctors Nova Scotia says tackling the racism that's directed at doctors and patients in the province is one of her priorities in the year ahead.  Dr. Heather Johnson is a family doctor in Bridgewater and medical site lead for the South Shore Regional Hospital who has served on the group's board of directors in the past.

headshot of Dr. Heather Johnson, President, Doctors Nova Scotia
June 14, 2021

Dr. Heather Johnson Takes Over as President of Doctors Nova Scotia


Doctors Nova Scotia’s new president officially took over her new role this weekend, which she will serve for one year.  Dr. Johnson has practiced family medicine in Bridgewater for the past 20 years. She works in a collaborative practice with three other physicians and a nurse practitioner. Outside of the clinic she provides inpatient care at South Shore Regional Hospital and makes house calls to homebound patients.

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