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July 3, 2020

Health experts say we need to learn to live with the risk of COVID-19 -- and that means being careful

CTV New Brunswick

Doctors Nova Scotia says it's important for people to remember the virus is still active, but to enjoy the new freedoms so long as precautions are taken.

A physician sees a patient through virtual care with the patient and a nurse together in person.
June 18, 2020

PAUL SCHNEIDEREIT: Virtual health care’s popular, so let’s keep it around

The Chronicle Herald

In this province, an Atlantic Quarterly 2020 survey done for Doctors Nova Scotia (also in May) found 96 per cent of people who had a doctor’s appointment by phone or video call were completely (58 per cent) or mostly (37 per cent) satisfied. Almost four in five backed use of virtual care by family docs after the pandemic.

That last stat surprised me. I expected even greater backing but, given virtual care’s sudden introduction, there have undoubtedly been growing pains as doctors and patients learn what works and what doesn’t. My guess is support will rise.

head short of Dr. Robyn MacQuarrie
June 8, 2020

N.S. doctors push for making virtual care permanent, not just temporary COVID-19 measure

CBC News

The McNeil government still considers virtual medicine "a temporary measure," despite the fact many physicians and patients are eager to see the practice continue.

The new president of Doctors Nova Scotia, Robyn MacQuarrie, doesn't know why the fee code change hasn't become permanent.

She hopes the reason is simply that the province has been busy working on allowing businesses to reopen amid COVID-19.

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