The APP model

The APP model

Physicians appreciate APP contracts because they provide a guaranteed minimum funding level and income stability.

All APP contracts are standard across the province, based on an FTE model where 1.0 FTE is a minimum of 37.5 hours per week for 46 weeks per year. Doctors Nova Scotia negotiates the annual rate for each specialty. Physicians may choose to have an individual APP or be part of a group APP; deliverables are negotiated by the individual or group, working with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Doctors Nova Scotia staff members are available to support and assist physicians as needed.

Physicians on full-time APPs are entitled to six weeks of unpaid leave per year. This includes time used for sick leave, vacation time, continuing medical education (CME) and the 12 annual statutory holidays. 

The APP model facilitates the delivery of efficient and effective medical care that may not be compatible with the fee-for-service funding model. It also supports new models of care, including collaborative care models, enabling physicians to better meet community needs.


Jennifer Girard
Physician advisor (Zone 4-Central)
Ryan Brown
Physician advisor (Zones 2-Northern and 3-Eastern)