Health and Dental Plan

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Health and Dental Plan

Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) offers its members a comprehensive health and dental plan administered by Canada Life. New members are eligible following a three-month waiting period.

Get to Know Your Health and Dental Plan

This user-friendly online booklet helps members navigate the details of the Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) extended health and dental benefits plan.

The Get to Know Your Health and Dental Plan booklet is a handy reference guide that outlines the benefits you’re eligible to receive. It offers information about what services are covered, how to make claims and how to get the most value from the plan.

Full details of what is covered in the benefits plan can be found in the Extended Health and Dental Plan booklet from Canada Life.

Drug coverage

When both subscriber and spouse reach age 65 and drug coverage under the plan ceases, the subscriber is then in the “senior plan” category. 

If subscriber and spouse are 65 or over and other dependents on the policy receive prescription drug coverage, the category stays as “family plan.”

Contract inconsistencies

A group contract has been issued to the DNS administrator. If there is an inconsistency between the information found on this website or in the subscriber’s Extended Health and Dental Plan booklet and the actual provisions of the group contract, the provisions in the group contract shall apply.


Deborah Wentzell
Member benefits coordinator