Succession planning (2023)

Succession planning (2023)

This proposal-based program allows physicians to design their own succession plan, with up to two years of cross-over supported. 

Arrangements that pair physicians who are transitioning out of practice with physicians who are transitioning into practice (TIP-TOP) enable knowledge-sharing, skill-building and continuity of care. Nova Scotia Health and the DHW agree to support written requests for TIP-TOP arrangements when those arrangements are in the best interests of the physicians involved and the health system. 

Physicians may overlap their practices for up to two years, provided the physicians have a plan to support the TIP-TOP period (including service delivery and remuneration arrangements) that is within current NSH operational investment (for example, not contingent on increased OR time). Stable funding will be provided to the incoming physician for the period of overlap where needed. Physicians must agree to expanded deliverables and supports during the transition period.  

This program applies to all physicians regardless of funding model. Physicians can initiate a TIP-TOP plan by contacting their Department Head.

As of July 20, 2023, written proposals can be advanced to the health authorities to seek approval for up to 24 months of overlap in FTE for an outgoing and incoming physician.