Dues collection policy

Dues collection policy

The Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) payment collection policy outlines penalties for late payments or missed monthly payments.

Membership invoices are issued on Sept 1. Payment is due by Oct. 1. If payment is not received by Oct. 1, the following penalties apply to all members:

  • Members will not be eligible to vote on tentative contract agreements until dues are paid or monthly payments are arranged;
  • Doctors Nova Scotia will ask the Department of Health and Wellness to withhold your CMPA rebate payment as outlined in the 2015 Master Agreement
  • If not resolved in a reasonable time period, DNS will move this issue to small claims court for resolution.

Full members/special consideration members

If membership dues aren't paid on or before the Oct. 1 deadline, a late fee of 10 per cent of the outstanding amount owing will be charged. 

All other member categories

For all other member categories, a late fee of 10% of the outstanding DNS dues is added if the invoice isn't paid on or before Oct. 1. 

Cessation of membership

If the invoice is still unpaid as of Nov. 1, membership with DNS and all benefits will cease. This means the member will face delays with honoraria payments, be ineligible to vote on contract agreements or in Board of Directors elections, and be ineligible to access DNS affinity partner programs, such as preferred rates on TELUS mobility smartphones and packages and home and auto insurance offered by TD Meloche Monnex. If applicable, the member’s health and dental benefits plan will be placed on hold and reinstated once payment is received.