Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) plays a leading role in ensuring the needs, perspectives and voices of physicians are part of the province’s e-health strategies and initiatives.

Current e-health initiatives

  • Saegis Shield e-learning: Doctors Nova Scotia, with support from the CMA, Scotiabank and MD Financial Management, is funding free one-year subscriptions for community-based physician clinics to build cybersafe skills. NOTE: The 600 subscriptions are full.
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs): Two EMR vendors (TELUS Health Solution Inc. and QHR Technologies) provide EMR solutions for Nova Scotia physicians
  • Virtual care: The way health care is delivered in Nova Scotia is evolving. Virtual care has the potential to increase access to health care for all Nova Scotians
  • Privacy legislation: Physicians in Nova Scotia must comply with the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) and its regulations

Your e-health advisors

As the e-health landscape in Nova Scotia continues to evolve, DNS wants to ensure you understand the opportunities available to you, that you are involved in key e-health system decisions and that you’re best positioned to deliver optimal patient care.  

Stewart Gray is the association’s senior e-health strategist. His goal is to bring the physician’s voice and influence to e-health planning in Nova Scotia. In this role, he:   

  • Develops DNS e-health positions and strategies to support our goals and business plan 
  • Works with the DNS E-health Committee to inform e-health position and strategy development
  • Promotes DNS member engagement with key stakeholders in all stages of e-health initiatives 
  • Informs and communicates with DNS members on key e-health issues 
  • Works with the e-health advisor to provide consistent, reliable, advice and guidance

Brent Andrews is the association’s e-health advisor. In this role, he:

  • Answers questions and advises members on e-health initiatives
  • Answers questions about EMRs, virtual care and voice recognition/dictation technologies
  • Advises on how to implement incoming and outgoing electronic faxing
  • Helps escalate issues related to service or support
  • Provides a conduit to individuals or groups that set direction and policies on e-health issues in the province
  • Provides hands-on support for general or specific IT-related questions
  • Assists with encrypting computers to help protect patient data
  • Advises and answers questions about EMR funding


Brent Andrews
E-health advisor
902-225-8577 (cell)
Stewart Gray
Senior E-health strategist
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4909