Medical student bursary program

Medical Students

Medical student bursary program

Medical students attending Dalhousie Medical School and Nova Scotia students studying medicine at Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec may apply for a Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) bursary. Medical students may apply for the $5,000 bursary each year of medical school.


Medical students at dinner

2017–18 bursary winners

Six Dalhousie Medical School students each received $5,000 for the 2017-18 Medical Student Bursary Program. The recipients were David Hung, Hans Lafford, Sean Nurmsoo, Bartosz Orzel, Atul Sabharwal and Thomas Toguri. Doctors Nova Scotia selected the winners based on their need, community involvement and dedication to the medical field.

Bursary eligibility

To be eligible for the medical student bursary, you must:

2018–19 application forms

Application forms for the 2018–19 medical student bursary program will be distributed at the beginning of the academic year to students attending Dalhousie Medical School and Nova Scotia residents studying medicine at Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec.