Honoraria and Expenses

Honoraria and Expenses

Doctors Nova Scotia’s Honoraria and Expense Policy aims to defray, in part, financial losses physicians may incur when working on behalf of the association.

Doctors Nova Scotia depends on the expertise of its membership to develop policies and advance issues for improvement of the health-care system.

Eligible for honoraria

Physicians appointed by DNS to serve on a committee will receive an honorarium when attending meetings. 

Ineligible for honoraria 

The Doctors Nova Scotia annual meeting isn’t eligible for honoraria and expense claims.

Special circumstances

While not part of the Honoraria and Expense policy, when external organizations request physician sit on their committees, DNS will attempt to negotiate payment of honoraria and/or expenses with the agency requesting representation. 

Payment rates

  • Daily rate: $800/day maximum
  • $125/hour for teleconference calls
  • A $5,000 stipend is provided to Board of Directors standing committee chairs

Members travelling from inside HRM

  • Meetings lasting less than four hours will be paid honoraria for a half day ($400)
  • Meetings lasting four hours will be paid for a half day, plus the member can claim an additional $100 over and above the half day honoraria for an hour of travel ($500)
  • Meetings lasting more than four hours will be paid for one full day ($800)

Honoraria will be paid monthly, for meetings attended in the prior month.

Expense reimbursements

Receipts and a completed Travel Expense & Honoraria Claim Form must be submitted within 30 days. 

In order for a meeting to be eligible for honoraria and expense reimbursement, formal documentation (agenda and minutes) must exist.


Mileage is reimbursed at $0.55/km.


If a seat sale isn’t available, the full fare economy ticket will be reimbursed. Upgrades are at the traveller’s expense. 


  • Single room rate for standard accommodations. Claims are reimbursed at a reasonable amount based on meeting location. 
  • A $40 reimbursement is provided to those who chose to stay with family or friends rather than at a hotel.

Meals (maximum of $90/day)

  • Breakfast – $15
  • Lunch – $25
  • Dinner – $50

Executive honoraria

The Honoraria and Expense Policy also outlines remuneration provided to the executive of the Board of Directors. Persons in these positions receive no other honoraria in relation to their role with the association. 


  • $100,000/per term 
  • $1,000/month for car allowance


  • Honoraria only


  • Honoraria only

Board chair    

  • $40,000 (first three-year term)
  • $50,000 (second three-year term)
  • $5,000/year for professional development if required


Colleen Sears
Payroll and finance administrator

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