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News Coverage

Health care is often in the news in Nova Scotia. Doctors Nova Scotia’s members are outspoken advocates for improving health care in the province. Whether they’re offering an opinion on a medical issue or calling for system reform, Nova Scotian physicians are trusted sources.



image of new health minitster sitting on a couch

PAUL SCHNEIDEREIT: Nova Scotia’s new health minister on staff shortages, wait lists, vaccines and more

physician holding a stethascope to a patients chest

N.S. physician wait-list hits record high

CTV News Atlantic
head shot of Dr. Heather Johnson, President, Doctor Nova Sotia

PAUL SCHNEIDEREIT: More than 80,000 now looking for a family doctor in Nova Scotia

image of a fax machine with paper in it

Technology in health care is a matter of fax.

Halifax Examiner
imge of medical professional taking patient's blood pressure

N.S. aims to recruit medical students, but takes different approach than with nurses

CTV News Atlantic
head shot of Dr. David Peachey, founder of Health Intelligence Inc

Canada doesn't know how bad its doctor shortage is, let alone how to fix it

National Post
image of Dr. Ken Murray

He's 75, but this family doctor keeps postponing retirement

CBC Nova Scotia
image of a stethascope on a table

Doctors wanted: N.S. recruitment office says interest is growing

CTV News Atlantic


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