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News coverage

Many of Doctors Nova Scotia’s members are outspoken advocates for improving health care in the province.

Urban or rural, family physician or specialist, new to practice or about to retire: Doctors Nova Scotia’s members aren’t afraid to speak up about issues in health care. Whether they’re offering an opinion on a medical issue or calling for system reform, Nova Scotian physicians appear in newspapers, online, and on local radio and television stations.


Hands typing on a laptop.

EDITORIAL: E-doctoring, digital medicine long overdue in Nova Scotia

The Chronicle Herald
Dr. Lukas Wasserman

Antigonish surgeon warns red tape could lead to doctor burnout

CBC Halifax
Sheldon MacLeod Show

Doctor recruitment, wait lists, and the process for getting off the list

News 95.7 - Sheldon MacLeod Show
Physician holding a stethoscope.

Nova Scotia could lose doctors amid Canada's diplomatic row with Saudi Arabia

CBC Nova Scotia
Dr. Nicola Smith

Nova Scotia’s doctor shortage is putting residents at serious risk

CTV Your Morning
Physician recruits on a fishing boat excursion

Cape Breton Family Medicine Recruitment Committee

CBC Information Morning - Cape Breton
Chart showing number of Nova Scotians without a family doctor.

SCHNEIDEREIT: Dartmouth, South Shore hit hard in doctorless-patient hemorrhage

Chronicle Herald
Dr. Brian Ferguson

Amherst MD says staff shortages have regional hospital on life support

Chronicle Herald


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