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News Coverage

Health care is often in the news in Nova Scotia. Doctors Nova Scotia’s members are outspoken advocates for improving health care in the province. Whether they’re offering an opinion on a medical issue or calling for system reform, Nova Scotian physicians are trusted sources.



female healthcare worker sits a desk with a cell phone in her hand

Nova Scotians 'deserve way better' than primary care alternatives, says Doctors N.S.

CBC News - Nova Scotia
image of various people's legs with different style of pants, waiting in a line behind each other against a brick wall

N.S. doctor waitlist reaches 160K people

Global News
newborn baby grasps adult finger

Number of newborns in N.S. without a family doctor, care provider on the rise

CBC News - Nova Scotia
a needle is inserted into an insulin bottle

N.S. program to help pay for diabetes care leaves out many who rely on insulin

CBC News
a black female physician sits infront of a computer providing virtal care to a paient on the computer monitor

Doctors Nova Scotia calls Virtual Care NS 'a Band-Aid solution' | CBC News

CBC News Nova Scotia
health care worker at desk with paper work and blood pressure cuff on the desk

Podcast: The Todd Veinotte Show April 25th, 2024

CityNews Halifax
row of medical file folders

Walk-in clinic closures sign of physician shortage, says Doctors Nova Scotia president

healthcare worker holding a tablet

Doctor, nurse shortages still plague N.S. health-care system, MLAs told



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