Health Care in the News

A doctor treating a patient being interviewed by the media

Health Care in the News

Every year, Doctors Nova Scotia receives more than 200 media requests for interviews with subject matter experts, background information and opinions on a broad range of health-care issues. 

Doctors Nova Scotia is passionate about transforming the health-care system so it better meets the needs of Nova Scotians. The association shares information with the public to help Nova Scotians better understand the issues that affect Nova Scotia’s physicians and their patients, to help all Nova Scotians live healthier lives and to showcase the talented physicians who practise medicine in all regions of the province.

Media relations is both proactive, based on news generated by Doctors Nova Scotia, and reactive, in response to what’s happening in health care and politics.

Through it all, we aim to demonstrate physicians as patient-centred, solutions-focused leaders.

Doctors Nova Scotia regularly profiles physician leaders at work in their communities and practices in doctorsNS magazine and


Barb Johnson
Senior communications advisor