Forms and processes

Forms and processes

Following is a round-up of the form and process changes that have taken place to the end of 2023. Links have been added to help physicians find forms quickly online and whether the form is available within their EMR.

Updated Forms and Process Data - as of end of December 2023
Initiative and web link Type Description Available in EMRs? Estimated Annual Savings
as of Dec. 31, 2023
Employment Support and Income Assistance Medical Assessment Form Revised form Efficiencies have been made to help clients access additional supports by improving the form completed by physicians. Additionally, this form now auto-populates within the EMRs with direct submission functionality to reduce completion time. Yes 19,200 hours
Disability Support Medical Form Eliminated form Physicians no longer have to complete the Disability Support Medical Form. n/a 290 hours
Medical Report on Adopting Applicant and the Medical Report on Foster Applicant Forms Eliminated form Physicians no longer have to complete a medical report for those applying to be adopted or fostered. n/a 200 hours
Medical Status Report Form Form, partially eliminated The requirement was removed for individuals transitioning from hospital to long-term care. For those transitioning from community to long-term care, the form may be completed prior to admission and is no longer a requirement to be waitlisted. Partially eliminated 100 hours
Adult Protection Medical Observation Form Form It has been updated to remove sections that do not impact the overall quality of the assessment and it's now more user-friendly. Yes 5 hours
Short-Term Disability Form Revised form A standardized short-term disability (STD) form has been developed. This standardized form means 28 different forms have become one. Yes The new STD form is 68% faster to complete, on average, when compared to  several of the former STD forms.
Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) 8/10 Form, now the Primary and Emergency Care Report Revised form The form has been revised and added to the EMR. Yes

For family physicians, preliminary evaluation estimates is 40% faster to complete in the EMR.

For physicians completing it in the EMR versus on paper, the time savings climb to 67%.

Medical Report for Adoption Subsidy Eliminated form Physicians no longer have to complete the Medical Report for Adoption Subsidy. n/a Measurement underway
Medial Report for Voluntary Adoption Placement Eliminated form Physicians no longer have to complete the Medical Report for Voluntary Adoption placement. n/a Measurement underway
Simplify the Maternal Serum Screening Process (IWK Health) Process & form A second trimester maternal serum screening test during pregnancy has been eliminated in favour of a single comprehensive test during the first trimester. n/a 770 hours
Implement Mobile Primary Care Clinics (NSH) Process Clinics aim to improve access to primary care services while also reducing demands on emergency departments across the province. n/a 2,000 hours
Virtual Hallway Process A pilot implementation of this technology delivered over 3,000 consults across three subspecialties to family physicians and resulted in an 82% reduction in unnecessary referrals. n/a 1,300 hours
Streamline the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia's Complaints Investigation Process Process The complaints investigation process has been streamlined to reduce the burden for both provider and patient. Physicians will see a decrease in the time required for interviews regarding complaints. n/a 1,180 hours
Streamline the Peer Review Process at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia Process The peer review program has been streamlined to improve process efficiency. Peer reviews for family medicine have been paused in recognition of the present burden on primary care. n/a 630 hours
Streamline SHARE (Secure Access Health Record) User Access Request Process Process Improvements to streamline the onboarding process means physicians are now able to gain access to the system for lab, DI reports, etc., more quickly. No 330 hours
Reduce Barriers to Gender-Affirming Surgery Process Patients seeking gender-affirming care no longer require two physician specialist referral letters. n/a 300 hours
Introduction of the Atlantic Physician Registry Process The creation of the Atlantic Physician Registry reduces red tape associated with licensing requirements and processes for physicians looking to practice in Nova Scotia. n/a 190 hours