Physician Recognition

Dr. Karla Armsworthy

Physician Recognition

Guided by the mandate to help physicians thrive and have a positive impact on their patients’ lives on an individual and system level, Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) is proud to represent all physicians in Nova Scotia. 

Celebrating our doctors

Promoting a strong and trusted image of physicians to the public, DNS showcases the work, expertise and dedication of physicians located across the province. Doctors Nova Scotia represents its members and advocates on issues and policies that are important to them and to their patients.

Each month, DNS staff field dozens of media calls, interview requests and inquiries. Partnering with physicians who are subject-matter experts in their fields, DNS connects its members with media opportunities to promote their work in communities and to communicate their desire to build a better health-care system.

The association has a robust presence on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, helping to spark interest and dialogue among media and the public on issues that are important to physicians and patients alike.  

Doctors Nova Scotia showcases in-depth profiles of physician leaders on its website, These compelling stories feature doctors from across Nova Scotia who are doing incredible things to support patient care and healthy living in their communities. Nova Scotians are also invited to share their own stories of local doctors doing great things on the website. 

The association also promotes physician leaders regularly on its blog by publishing posts written by doctors on topics they are passionate about. Publishing timely, general-interest posts on a range of health topics, the DNS blog inspires Nova Scotians to live healthy and active lives. These blog posts are shared across social media driving thousands of visitors to the blog each month.

In addition, readers may sign up to the DNS bi-weekly newsletter to receive the latest health-care news, blogs and healthy-living tips in their inbox.