Application help

Application help

Submitting a complete, well-supported fee application is integral to ensuring your application is considered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Below you will find tips on how to complete the application to the expectations of the Fee Committee.

Application completion tips

  • Meet the deadline
    Submit the application by the deadline: March 31 or Sept. 30
  • Consult with colleagues
    Consult with colleagues to ensure all factors have been carefully considered in the fee application. (Section involvement is encouraged.)
  • Complete all fields
    Ensure every field in the application is complete. (Take advantage of the application help offered by Doctors Nova Scotia.)
  • Patient records
    Provide 10 fully redacted OR records (or nurses' notes/assessment reports if OR records aren't applicable) for the fee application.
  • Supporting research
    Provide research (evidence) readings that support the fee application.
  • Executive summary
    Prepare an executive summary within the form. It's an excellent opportunity to provide additional information/commentary that isn't already included in the fee application. The executive summary has a limit of 500 words, if more space is required, a cover letter can be used.

Need help?

We can help you ensure your application is well positioned, well supported and complete. You can submit your application to Doctors Nova Scotia staff for a preliminary review six weeks prior to each deadline. Staff will provide feedback and, if necessary, advice on how to improve your application. This review will help ensure the application is completed to the expectations of the Fee Committee, making it more likely your application will be approved.


Derek Law
Compensation manager, fee-for-service
Jessica Moore
Compensation manager, Physician Agreement and Fee Schedule