Position Statements

Position Statements

Working with its members, Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) develops formal position papers on a variety of health-care issues.

These papers demonstrate physician leadership, facilitate conversations about health-care topics and help improve our health system. The papers include recommendations on and solutions to a wide range of health-care issues.

Position papers are developed with extensive help from the physicians who make up the Policy and Health Issues Committee (PHIC). When required, PHIC members consult with other groups and experts, including the Section of Primary Care Physicians’ Representative Council, the Information Technology Steering Committee, the Section Forum, the Section of Senior and Retired Doctors, and physician subject matter experts. The positions are then reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

Positions are sometimes updated as issues evolve. Position statements that are no longer relevant are removed from the website.

Harm Reduction for People Who Use(d) Drugs (2023)
Harm reduction care is an essential aspect of health care in Nova Scotia. Physicians should be supported in their work to offer harm reduction care to their patients. Read more

Abortion Rights and Access (2022)
Abortions must continue to be part of comprehensive health services offered in Nova Scotia and should be low-barrier for all. Read more

The Backbone of Primary Health Care: The role and value of family physicians in Nova Scotia (2019)
Family physicians are not better than other providers; they are different from other providers. And they are essential to an effective primary health care system. Read more

Road Map to a Stable Physician Workforce (2018)
Together, Doctors Nova Scotia, Maritime Resident Doctors and the Dalhousie Medical Students’ Society make six recommendations for immediate action to strengthen the physician workforce. Read more

Primary care renewal (2017)
The association made 11 recommendations to the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the Department of Health and Wellness to help improve primary care for Nova Scotians.  Read more

Physician engagement (2017)
Doctors Nova Scotia made recommendations for ways that the association, its members and health-system partners can ensure meaningful physician engagement.  Read more

Legalizing cannabis (2018)
On March 26, 2018, Doctors Nova Scotia released a position statement on the legalization of cannabis in the province. Read more

Palliative care (2018)
Doctors Nova Scotia has 10 recommendations to improve palliative care in Nova Scotia. Read more

Legalizing marijuana (2015)
The association has been following the issue of legalizing marijuana since changes were proposed in 2015. Read more

Electronic cigarettes (2014)
Doctors Nova Scotia endorsed Smoke Free Nova Scotia’s position on electronic cigarettes and committed to support the government’s efforts to regulate products. Read more