MSI Billing

MSI Billing

You are ultimately responsible for your billing, even when the role is delegated to your support staff. It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest billing rules.

Optimal and accurate billing 

The following documents are the foundation to optimal and accurate billing: 

  • MSI Physician’s Manual
    This manual contains essential information for proper billing, including rules for billing fees, requirements when making submissions for payment and the fee schedule. It’s one of the most critical documents to know and understand when it comes to billing.  
  • MSI Physician's Bulletins
    The bulletins provide updates about new or revised fees, preamble changes and information on payment programs. They also contain clarifications about billing rules, which will help ensure you and your staff are billing correctly. Bulletins are published several times a year. Sign up to be notified whenever a new Physician's Bulletin is published.
  • Interim Fee Reference Guide
    This guide contains all current interim fees, which are approved by the Department of Health and Wellness. When a health service code is assigned an interim fee, it is published in the MSI Physician’s Bulletin and in the guide. Once terminated or made permanent, the interim fee will be removed from the guide and updated in the MSI Physician’s Bulletin and/or Physician’s Manual as applicable.

Understanding payments received

MSI payments can be difficult to understand, making it difficult to know when you’ve been paid for services. Did you know you can access MSI pay statements online? Go to and log-in with the six digits of your provider number as your username, you will then be able to compare your business arrangement number(s) with work completed on each pay statement to reconcile your payments with your billings.

Billing inquiries

All billing inquires should be directed to Medavie Blue Cross/MSI. 

MSI Assessment Customer Service

Support is also available from Doctors Nova Scotia. Please use the DNS contact information below.


Derek Law
Compensation manager, fee-for-service
Jessica Moore
Compensation manager, Physician Agreement and Fee Schedule