Application process

Application process

The Fee Committee (FC) reviews and makes decisions on applications for new fees or changes to existing fees. If the committee is unable to reach a consensus or has insufficient budget, the matter is referred to the Physician Agreement Management Group (PAMG).

Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. 

Helping its members submit high-calibre fee applications is a priority for Doctors Nova Scotia. When you submit a fee application that is complete and well considered, it not only expedites the review process but also increases the likelihood of your application being approved. 

Review process

Here’s what happens when the FC receives a fee application:

  1. Screen for completeness/confirm receipt of application
    If the applications doesn’t contain all of the necessary information, the request will be removed from the FC’s active list of applications.
  2. Rapid review
    The applications are divided among small groups of FC members, who check to ensure the applications are clinically complete and within the committee’s mandate. When the FC meets in full, feedback from the rapid review is used to help decide whether each application should be accepted for consideration or rejected. If an application is accepted, it moves through the following steps. If it is rejected, the applicant will be contacted with an explanation and guidance on resubmission, if warranted.
  3. Section review
    Each application is provided to the relevant Section for review.
  4. Analysis
    Research physicians will provide analysis on the application. This can include requesting further information, conducting a cross-Canada comparison, and completing a complexity/time-based review. Depending on the fee application, this analysis can take more than one meeting to complete.
  5. Final review
    The FC reviews all materials and may request further data before making a decision. If further information is required, the application will be reviewed again at the next FC meeting.
  6. Decision or recommendation
    When all the relevant data has been gathered and reviewed, the FC makes a decision. In the event the FC is unable to come to a consensus, or if there is insufficient budget, the matter will be referred to the Physician Agreement Management Group (PAMG).   
  7. Notification
    The applicant is notified of the FC's or PAMG’s decision. If the application is approved, MSI is notified and makes appropriate changes. It can take up to 90 days to make changes.
  8. Publication
    New fees, fee adjustments and Preamble changes are published in the MSI Physicians’ Bulletin.


Derek Law
Compensation manager, fee-for-service
Jessica Moore
Compensation manager, Physician Agreement and Fee Schedule