Restricting billing numbers

Restricting billing numbers

Doctors Nova Scotia does not support restricting billing numbers because it is not an effective recruitment and retention tool.

The province's Physician Resource Plan calls for more family doctors and generalists working outside of urban areas. Doctors Nova Scotia's position outlines several recommendations that would help recruit and retain doctors in rural areas. 

Recommendations include:

  • Retention and/or recruitment payments through the Physician Agreement
  • Increasing efforts to educate medical students and residents in rural communities
  • Competitively compensating doctors who teach outside of urban centres
  • Enhancing the province's locum program

Although compensation is an important aspect of recruitment to rural areas, it isn't the only factor. In a 2012 survey of Doctors Nova Scotia members, 92% of physician respondents identified work/life balance as important to being able to attract and retain physicians.

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