Travel/redeployment expenses (2023)

Travel/redeployment expenses (2023)

When a physician is asked by a health authority to travel to another hospital in the province more than one hour away, the physician will have their expenses reimbursed.

When a Physician is required by a health authority in writing to travel for work, other than to the Physician’s regular work site or sites or as part of the Physician’s regular work, DHW will compensate Physicians for travel and expenses incurred by the Physician in the course of travel as follows: 

  • mileage at the current government rate
  • travel time (after the first hour) at $100 per hour, to a maximum of 10 hours return (five hours each way)
  • per diem of $100 per day
  • accommodations at 100%, to a maximum of $300 per night

Payment will be made within a reasonable time after presentation of an invoice and supporting documentation as required by DHW.

(Note that redeployment payments will not be paid for travel that is less than one hour or outside Nova Scotia. Physicians who have chosen to work at multiple locations are not eligible for these payments.)



Jessica Moore
Compensation manager, Physician Agreement and Fee Schedule

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