Health Care and Government

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Health Care and Government

Health care is an essential public service funded by both the federal and provincial governments. As the organizations that operate health-care services for the provincial government, the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the IWK Health Centre are extensions of the government.

While physicians are often at the periphery of these organizations, all parties have a vested interest in health care and are deeply intertwined.

Doctors Nova Scotia aims to improve society by co-creating and influencing public policies or resource allocation strategies to help physicians thrive and have a positive impact on their patients’ lives, at an individual and system level.

Political advocacy tool kit
Physicians are uniquely positioned to influence health-care decisions because they are viewed as patient advocates and leaders who bring a different perspective to discussions on the health-care system. You can play an important role in educating colleagues, the public, and elected and government officials about health-care issues.

Doctors Nova Scotia's political advocacy tool kit is aimed at helping physicians understand how they can influence health care and the government.

Healing Nova Scotia: Recommendations for a Thriving Physician Workforce
This report synopsizes the highest-priority health system issues identified in conversations with Nova Scotia’s physicians, and offers recommendations on how to build a better future for health care for all Nova Scotians. > Read more

Federal tax changes
Doctors Nova Scotia has strongly opposed federal tax changes on private corporations because of the negative effect the changes would have on physicians. > Read more

Privacy Health Information Act (PHIA)
Dr. Colin Audain appeared before the Law Amendments Committee (LAC) representing physicians’ concerns about the amendments to the Privacy Health Information Act tabled under Bill No. 419, the Financial Measures (2024) Act. > Read more