EMR funding

EMR funding

The Master Agreement provides financial assistance to physicians who implement and operate Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

The Master Agreement offers three types of EMR funding.

One-Time EMR Investment Grant (Envelope A)

This one-time grant is to assist physicians in the adoption of an EMR system and is be paid upon implementation. 

EMR Participation Grant (Envelope B )

This grant will help offset the investments of time and effort by you and your staff in educational and peer-support activities. You will receive this grant for any fiscal year in which you have invested at least four hours in EMR participation events and activities (a self-assessment is required).

EMR Utilization Grant (Envelope C)

This grant is to encourage and reward you financially for the extent of your efforts in the use of the EMR in your practice. The funding available depends on the usage of the EMR system and the pool of funding available. The average payment in 2020-21 was approximately $5,200. 

To receive this grant, you must complete a self-assessment application; your individual score is compared to the rest of the applicants’ scores. To be eligible, you must have implemented an EMR by March 31 and have billed (or shadow billed) a minimum of $30,000 in MSI billings within an EMR in the 12 months up to March 31.

The EMR participation and utilization grants (Envelopes B and C) are slated to convert to fees under the 2019 Master Agreement. Until they do, the grant programs continue as is.


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