Non-insured services

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Non-insured services

Non-insured services are clinical services not covered by MSI. These include services that may not have ever been insured by MSI, as well as those that were once covered by MSI but aren’t covered any longer. Any service requested by a third party is a non-insured service, including administrative and committee work.

Please note: The following resources for physicians and patients on non-insured services were created in 2005. While the principles still hold true, it is important for physicians to ensure third-party billing is based on current market value. It’s also important to note that the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) was enacted after these documents were created. The act sets out what fees a physician can charge for processing a patient’s request for their own health information.

Work is underway to update the non-insured services materials. The poster and patient brochure have been updated and can be found at the links below.

Resources for physicians and patients

Doctors Nova Scotia receives many requests from physicians looking for more information on non-insured services. The following may be of help to members:


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