Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a practice-based computer application that enables longitudinal collection of patient information. Currently, more than 1,000 physicians in Nova Scotia are using an EMR in their practice. 

Two EMR vendors (TELUS Health Solution Inc. and QHR Technologies) provide EMR solutions for Nova Scotia physicians.

TELUS Health Solutions Inc. 

TELUS Health Solutions currently supports three EMR products in Nova Scotia; Med Access, Practimax and Nightingale.

Med Access

Med Access is a web-based, highly configurable EMR that adapts to individual clinic and user preferences and work styles supporting ready integration into a clinical practice. Med Access is deployed across Canada with settings ranging from solo practices to medical schools to province-wide EMR collaboratives.


Practimax is an EMR that offers integrated electronic claims submission and labs and DI results for Nova Scotia. TELUS Health Solutions acquired Practimax and its business operations in September 2017. Practimax users continue to receive support from the Nova Scotia¬–based Practimax team, along with the added resources of the national TELUS Health Solutions team.


Nightingale is a web-based EMR that offers physicians a range of functionality including management of medical records, billing and interoperability solutions, clinical notes, e-prescriptions. TELUS Health Solutions acquired Nightingale in September 2016 and will continue to support the product until Dec. 31, 2019. 

QHR Technologies

AccuroEMR is developed and supported by QHR Technologies, which is part of Loblaw Companies Ltd. AccuroEMR offers physicians a full suite of medical software, provides cloud-based electronic medical records, and clinic and patient management modules. Accuro is a flexible EMR system that is easily configured to support the unique workflows of each provider and clinic.

Funding for EMRs

The current Master Agreement provides financial assistance to physicians who implement and operate EMRs. Click here for more information about EMR funding.

Are you looking for support or are you interested in adopting an EMR?

Reach out to DNS

Doctors Nova Scotia’s EMR advisors can give you guidance and advice about all aspects of EMRs, including funding support. 

Reach out to EMR vendors

TELUS Health Solutions
Shawn Bellefleur
Atlantic Regional Manager, Sales and Business Development 
506- 866-7591

QHR Technologies
David Krish 
Regional Sales & Implementation Manager (Nova Scotia)


Brent Andrews
EMR Advisor
902-225-8577 (cell)
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4901