Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell is a Canadian-owned independent business cost savings consultant; the largest of its kind in North America.

It works to secure cost savings in:

  1. Telecom (landline, wireless and data)
  2. Merchant services (credit and debit card processing)
  3. Small package and courier shipping
  4. Waste removal

The company analyzes your current costs, then negotiates with your service providers for cost reductions and searches for alternative service providers with equal or lower costs. You’ll be provided with a variety of no-obligation options to consider.

If you move ahead with their recommendations, the company will provide detailed quarterly statements confirming your ongoing savings. Schooley Mitchell charges a percentage of that savings for 36 months as their fee. Doctors Nova Scotia has used Schooley Mitchell to find significant savings in telecom, merchant services and small package shipping for the association.

Normally, this cost-savings arrangement is beneficial for medical practices that spend a minimum amount in any of the following areas:

Cost Minimum monthly amount
Telecom $750 (combined)
Merchant services $20,000 (billings)
Small package and courier shipping $750
Waste removal $200

Doctors Nova Scotia members who meet the minimum criteria are eligible for special discounts on Schooley Mitchell’s fee. Click here to see the details