EMR advice and support

EMR advice and support

Doctors Nova Scotia’s e-health advisor gives guidance and advice to physicians about all aspects of electronic medical records (EMRs).

Transitioning from a paper-based practice to an EMR can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. That’s why Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) offers support in the form of an e-health advisor. Brent Andrews can help you decide which EMR product is best for you and what infrastructure changes you may need to consider. He offers insights from other members’ experiences and can troubleshoot problems that you may encounter. 

Role of e-health advisor

The role of the e-Health advisor is to:

  • Answer questions about EMRs and add-on products that are integrated with an EMR
  • Answer questions about voice recognition/dictation technologies
  • Advise on how to implement incoming and outgoing electronic faxing, thus reducing paper cost
  • Help escalate issues related to service or support
  • Provide a conduit to individuals or groups that set direction and policies on EMR-related issues in the province
  • Answer questions and provide hands-on support for general or specific IT-related issues
  • Assist with encrypting computers to help protect patient data
  • Advise and answer questions regarding EMR funding
  • Discuss the different options available regarding patient data/storage when looking to leave or close a practice which uses an EMR


Brent Andrews
E-health advisor