EMR advisors

EMR advisors

Electronic medical records (EMRs) advisors give guidance and advice to physicians about all aspects of EMRs.

Transitioning from a paper-based practice to an EMR can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. That’s why Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) offers support in the form of EMR advisors. Brent Andrews can help with deciding which EMR product is best for you and what infrastructure changes you may need to consider, offering insights from others’ experiences and troubleshooting any problems that you may experience. 

Role of EMR advisors

The role of the EMR advisors is to:

  • Answer questions about EMRs
  • Answer questions about voice recognition/dictation technologies
  • Advise how to implement incoming and outgoing electronic faxing, thus reducing paper cost
  • Help escalate issues related to service or support
  • Provide a conduit to individuals or groups that set direction and policies on EMR-related issues in the province.
  • Answer general or specific IT-related questions
  • Assisting with encrypting computers to help protect patient data

Senior e-health strategist 

As the e-health landscape in Nova Scotia continues to evolve, DNS wants to ensure you understand the opportunities available to you, that you are involved in key e-health system decisions and that you’re best positioned to deliver optimal patient care.  

Stewart Gray is the association’s senior e-health strategist. His goal is to bring the physician’s voice and influence to e-health planning in Nova Scotia.  In this role, he:   

  • Develops DNS e-Health positions and strategies to support our goals and business plan 
  • Works with the DNS Information Technology Steering Committee to inform e-health position and strategy development
  • Promotes DNS member engagement with our key stakeholders in all stages of e-health initiatives 
  • Informs and communicates with our members on key e-health issues 
  • Works with the EMR advisors to provide consistent, reliable, advice and guidance

See below for contact information.


Brent Andrews
EMR Advisor
902-225-8577 (cell)
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4901
Stewart Gray
Senior E-health strategist
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4909