Provincial locum program

Provincial locum program

The Master Agreement funds a provincial locum program, administered by the Department of Health and Wellness through MSI, with specific program guidelines and payment rates for general practitioners and specialists. Specific eligibility criteria and some restrictions apply.

As part of the 2019 Master Agreement, a $2.8-million investment secured the Enhanced Locum Incentive Program. This enhanced program can be accessed only with NSHA support and provides additional funding for hard-to-recruit areas and specialties.

Program details

Under this program, physicians are contracted to provide locum services for:

  • a set period of time
  • a minimum payment guarantee
  • a per diem payment
  • some travel expenses
  • office overhead (if applicable)

Locum applications

Physicians can apply for a locum for:

  • a scheduled vacation leave
  • CME
  • maternity leave
  • medical leave
  • unplanned leave due to illness

Eligibility criteria and guidelines

Specific eligibility criteria, guidelines, application forms and claim forms can be found on the MSI Locum Registration webpage.

Funding rates for Provincial Locum Program 

(Effective Oct. 1, 2013)

  GP Specialist Psychiatrists
Income guarantee $800/day $1,200/day District Psychiatry Program hourly rate
Per diem $175/day $175/day $175/day
Overhead $210/day N/A  
Mileage in N.S. Provincial government rate
Travel in N.S.
> 2 hrs one-way 1 per diem/round-trip
< 4 hrs one-way 2 per diems/round-trip
From N.B. and P.E.I. $175/round-trip
Other out-of-province $500/round-trip


MSI locum coordinator
Medavie Blue Cross
Fax: 902-496-3060 or toll-free 1-855-350-3060

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