Understanding business arrangement numbers

Understanding business arrangement numbers

Physicians who are remunerated under the LFM payment model receive a paycheque biweekly (every two weeks). 

Physicians who are remunerated under the LFM payment model receive a paycheque biweekly (every two weeks). 

This payment consists of three components: an hourly component, a payment based on panel size and a payment for 30% of their FFS billings. The hourly component is static and reflects the annual hourly commitment the physician made in their contract (that is, their contracted hours) and Schedule A. The panel payment may vary depending on fluctuations in panel size; changes are tracked and adjustments made quarterly. The FFS billing payment will fluctuate with each cheque, depending on what/how many FFS services were provided during the pay period.

Each of these payments is tracked through a different business arrangement (BA) number. These numbers are automatically provided to LFM physicians by MSI.

Business arrangement numbers

Each LFM physician will receive three BA numbers – and a fourth, for 100% FFS work, if applicable.


  1. LFM Annual Hours BA – For submitting actual hours worked. Nothing should be billed to this BA except for the new hourly health service fee codes HDAY1 and HEVW1. This is necessary for annual reconciliation of your submitted (actual) hours worked with your contracted hours outlined in Schedule A of your LFM contract.
  2. LFM Attachment BA – This BA is for the patient attachment (panel) component of the LFM model. Physicians should not bill any codes to this BA – it exists so that the panel payment is easy to see as a separate payment component, rather than getting combined with one of the other BAs.
  3. LFM 30% BA – For billing FFS health service claims, which are paid at 30% under the LFM payment model. Payments under this BA will fluctuate because they reflect 30% of actual FFS billings. If you are on vacation for a few weeks, you’ll notice this payment decrease accordingly.
  4. 100% FFS BA – This BA is for services provided outside the LFM if applicable. This number is for FFS-eligible claims (such as WCB, MAID, Community Services).

You may see payments to additional BA numbers on your account. These numbers include:

  • CMPA BA – For issuing CMPA rebates and/or incentives – no billing occurs on this BA.
  • Locum BA – A temporary or long-term BA set up for physician locum payments.

Understanding payments

Go to www.msielink.ca and log in using the six digits of your provider number as your username. You will then be able to reconcile your payments with your billings by looking at what is listed under your business arrangement numbers.


Consider setting your LFM 30% BA as your default billing number in your LFM but remember to toggle to the hourly BA when submitting hours. It is recommended all hours be billed at the same time as daily encounters.


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