Membership category changes

Membership category changes

Doctors Nova Scotia members can request a change in membership category to accommodate life and career changes. In many cases, a category change will result in a change in your annual membership dues.


Membership category change requirements

Full member

Converting to full member status is most common for residents who are transitioning to practice or members returning from leave. Full membership dues are pro-rated on a quarterly basis. Physicians joining DNS partway through the association’s fiscal year should contact the association for the amount owing.


Students who are transitioning to residency will need to convert their membership status from student to resident. 

Member-on-leave/Special consideration

Members taking time away from their practice for parental leave, continuing medical education, or for disciplinary reasons should convert from full member to member-on-leave.

Retired member 

To qualify for retired membership status, you must retire your medical licence. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia must confirm your new licence status to process this change.

Non-resident member

Members must either cancel their Nova Scotia medical licence or change to a non-resident licence status and live outside of Nova Scotia to be considered a non-resident member.

*All requests are subject to approval.