Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board is a diverse representation of general practitioners and specialists practising throughout the province. The majority of members are elected by the membership; three members are appointed annually to ensure broad representation.

The Board also includes the Section Forum chair, Nova Scotia’s representative on the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Board of Directors, one resident and one medical student.

Board members

Dr. Gary Ernest, President
Dr. Robyn MacQuarrie, President-elect
Dr. Tim Holland, Past president
Dr. André Bernard, Chair of the Board
Dr. Michael Wadden, Audit Committee chair

Family physicians in Halifax Regional Municipality
Dr. Gehad Gobran
Dr. Cindy Marshall

Family physicians outside Halifax Regional Municipality
Dr. Colette Saveur
Dr. Stephanie Langley
Dr. Amanda MacDonald
Dr. Michael Wadden

Specialists in Halifax Regional Municipality
Dr. Tammy Keough-Ryan
Dr. Alex Mitchell
Dr. Kelly Dakin-Hache 

Specialists outside Halifax Regional Municipality
Dr. Gerard MacDonald 
Dr. Alfred Bent
Dr. Todd Stoddart

Section Forum chair
Dr. Mary Gorman

Maritime Resident Doctors representative
Dr. Elias (Leo) Fares

Dalhousie Medical Student Society representative
Neetin Prabhu

Canadian Medical Association representative
Dr. Celina White