CMA Board of Directors

CMA Board of Directors

Doctors Nova Scotia’s Board of Directors nominates one member to represent the association on the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) board of directors.

The CMA’s board of directors is charged with managing the affairs of the CMA. It has the legal duties and obligations of any board, in addition to the specific duties stipulated in its bylaws.

Doctors Nova Scotia has one representative on the CMA board. That representative can serve a maximum of two, three-year terms.

The Doctors Nova Scotia CMA representative also sits on the association’s Board of Directors as a non-voting member.  


Physicians wishing to represent Doctors Nova Scotia on the CMA board of directors must:

  • Possess integrity, common sense and good judgment
  • Have an understanding of CMA, its vision and mission statements and business
  • Have a strategic vision of where the corporation should go and how to get there in practical terms
  • Understand accounting, financial, planning and strategic concepts
  • Embody leadership, civic-mindedness and the ability to participate on a team
  • Be available to attend meetings
  • Keep up to date with issues and trends that affect the organization and the profession
  • Be willing to get involved on other committees and/or working groups

Time commitment

Serving on the CMA Board of Directors requires:

  • Attending at least five in-person meetings per year
  • Additional telephone conferences if required
  • Attending DNS Board of Directors meetings

Expression of interest

Submit an Expression of Interest form if interested on serving on the CMA’s board of directors.

Current representative

The current Nova Scotia CMA Board representative is Dr. Celina White. She is currently serving her second term, which is set to end in August 2020.


Sonia Abi-Ajab
Executive assistant to the President and CEO
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