Governance Committee

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee oversees the Board’s governance practices. Its objectives are to ensure good governance, accountability and transparency. 


Physicians interested in a position on the Governance Committee must:

  • Be a member of Doctors Nova Scotia
  • Possess general knowledge of or interest in governance
  • Be willing to commit to a two or three-year term 

In addition, the following are not required but would be an asset:

  • Experience on a governance committee or a board 
  • An Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) or comparable designation 

Time commitment

Serving on the Governance Committee requires:

  • Approximately five meetings per year (can participate by teleconference)
  • Review of meeting materials

Expression of interest

Doctors Nova Scotia members interested in serving on the Governance Committee can submit an Expression of Interest form.

2023 vacancies

There will be two vacancies on the Governance Committee as of June 2023; one for a medical learner (student or resident) and one for a member-at-large (two or three-year terms). A member-at-large is any member with the right to hold an office (full members, retired members, members on leave, clinical assistants), as outlined in Section 1 of the Rules & Regulations. Interested members must submit an Expression of Interest form.

Term chart

Governance Committee Membership
Member Term Date elected/appointed Term ending
Kathy Gallagher, Committee Chair 2nd June 2022 June 2025
Leisha Hawker, President   June 2022 June 2023
André Bernard, Board Chair   September 2016 June 2024
Heather Johnson, Past President   June 2022 June 2023
Kelly Dakin Hache (Board representative) 2nd June 2021 June 2024
Cindy Marshall (Board representative) 2nd June 2021 June 2024
Jesse Kancir 1st June 2022 June 2025
Lesya Shuba 1st June 2020 June 2023

Each member can serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. If the incumbent wants to re-offer for a second term, the appointment must be recommended by the committee and approved by the Board of Directors.


Sonia Abi Ajab
Executive assistant to the President and CEO; admin team lead; board and committee support; section inquiries; admin support
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4900