Board Election

Board Election

Dr. Tammy Keough-Ryan and Dr. Alfred Bent are the successful candidates in the 2019 Doctors Nova Scotia Board of Directors election.

Election results

Election candidates

Dr. Keough-Ryan and Dr. Bent will each serve three-year terms, beginning June 2019.

Specialist Inside Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)

Candidate Percentage* Count
Dr. Tammy Keough-Ryan 47% 235
Dr. Stephen Soroka 34% 170
Dr. Abraham Rudnick 19% 96
  Total 501

Specialist Outside HRM

Candidate Percentage* Count
Dr. Alfred Bent 66% 328
Dr. Trent Peppard 34% 167
  Total 495

*Percentage represents the percentage of total votes the candidate received.

Length of terms

All seats are for three-year terms. If elected, board members may serve two consecutive three-year terms.

Board role

The Board of Directors is responsible for developing and executing the strategic direction, approving governing policy and overseeing the management of Doctors Nova Scotia.

Board meetings

There are six meetings per year, held on Friday afternoons.


Board members are entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses and honoraria as outlined in the association’s Honoraria and Expense Policy.


Karen Chaisson
Executive assistant to the President and CEO
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4900