E-health Committee

E-health Committee


Physicians interested in a position on the E-health Committee must:

  • Be a member of Doctors Nova Scotia
  • Be able to represent the needs of all physicians in the province

The following is not required but would be considered an asset:

  • Strong interpersonal skills 

Physicians with any level of understanding of information technology are welcome.

Time commitment

Serving on the E-health Committee requires:

  • Six to eight meetings per year (each meeting is two to three hours long; option to participate by GoToMeeting)
  • Review of meeting materials

Expressions of Interest

Doctors Nova Scotia members interested in serving on the E-health Committee can submit an Expression of Interest form.

E-health Committee Membership
Member Term Date elected/appointed Term ending
Gerard MacDonald, chair 2nd June 2017 June 2020
Jennifer Jones 1st June 2018 June 2020
Ajantha Jayabarathan 2nd June 2017 June 2020
Alfred Bent (Board representative)


June 2019 June 2022
Tim Holland (Board representative) 1st June 2019 June 2020
Kerrie Schoffer 1st June 2019 June 2021
John Puthenparumpil 1st June 2019 June 2021
Leisha Hawker 1st June 2019 June 2022
Jose Mejia 1st June 2019 June 2022
Nathan Urquhart 2nd June 2019 June 2022


Sonia Abi Ajab
Executive assistant to the President and CEO; team lead, admin support
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4900