WCB fees and funding

WCB fees and funding

This contract provides a framework for doctors and the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) to work together so that Nova Scotians who are injured at work can get back to their normal routine as safely and as quickly as possible. It also formalizes commitments for both parties around injury management approaches.

To be effective, injury management decisions need to incorporate contemporary knowledge about the positive role that work plays in an injured worker's recovery and must consider and leverage physicians' influence.

Physician Report Form 8/10

Payment is provided only when the Form 8/10 is:

  • Submitted to WCB within 5 business days of the patient visit
  • Legible, has all fields completed, and provides quality information that assists with return to work planning

Physicians are expected to use the work capabilities definitions adapted by WCB from Presley Reed’s The Medical Disability Guidelines.
PLEASE NOTE: For WCB patients on permanent work-related long-term disability benefits an office visit should be submitted using MSI code 03.03 or 03.03A.

A Form 8/10 is only required if the worker's treatment or condition has changed. "Change" means any change in diagnosis or symptoms, flare ups; changes in treatment which may include but are not limited to physiotherapy treatment, chiropractic treatment; the necessity to provide assistive devices or Personal Care Allowance, Specialist referral and diagnostic testing.


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