Workers' Compensation Board contract

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Workers' Compensation Board contract

The Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) contract outlines many of the services physicians provide for injured workers, and the fees for providing those services.

Physicians and the WCB work together to help injured workers recover and return to work. Time off should only be prescribed when there is a medical reason. Physicians are expected to communicate and collaborate with the WCB return to work team as part of an effective recovery plan.

The longer an injured worker is off work, the less likely they are to return to their normal work activities. Work is healthy and plays a key role in recovery and overall physical and emotional well-being.

Contract highlights

In the most recent WCB contract, physicians saw an 11.5% increase on most fee codes.  Additional contract highlights include:

  • The former WCB 11 code (return to work office visit and report) increased by 4.31 units and has been separated into WCB 28 (office visits) and WCB 26 (reports).
  • Includes annual fee increases that were calculated based on Physician Agreement MSU increases since 2007.
  • Includes an annual escalator going forward. Fees will increase each year at par with the greater of MSU of CPI, to a maximum of CPI + 0.5%.
  • Fees for photocopies of chart notes will vary depending on the size of the chart, from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $150.

A Joint Governance Committee, consisting of representation from both DNS and WCB, provides oversight and quality assurance throughout the contract period. Physician representatives on the joint committee are: Drs. Edvin Koshi, Nina Lucas, Cindy Marshall and Chris Milburn.

The contract between the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) and Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) has been renewed until June 15, 2022. It will be reviewed annually for possible extension until 2025.


Jessica Moore
Compensation manager, Physician Agreement and Fee Schedule

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