WCB refer a patient

WCB refer a patient

Physicians who don't provide care to WCB patients, or who require additional support, can refer WCB patients to an Enhanced Physician Service (EPS) physician.

EPS physicians have an interest in occupational medicine and special training in assisting injured workers with a safe and timely return to work.

Services include
independent medical examinations, work site assessments, advice on treatment plans, functional abilities, and return to work planning consistent with medical disability advisor guidelines.

EPS physicians
are specifically identified by WCB and receive additional payment for WCB client assessments and case conferencing.

The WCB or physicians may refer issues to EPS physicians for advice and assistance regarding treatment, functional abilities and return to work. Referrals are also accepted from physicians who choose not to treat WCB patients. The EPS can also provide consistency of care when there’s no treating physician.

Use the WCB Service Provider Directory to find an EPS physician.


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