Board Chair nominations

Board Chair nominations

Doctors Nova Scotia is seeking a Chair for its Board of Directors. Nominations closed Feb. 21, 2023.

The current Chair, Dr. André Bernard, will finish his term in June 2024. The goal is to have the new Board Chair in place beginning June 2023 so the current Board Chair and the incoming Board Chair overlap for one year, to facilitate an in-depth orientation and on-boarding for the incoming Chair.

The term for the Board Chair will be one year as incoming Board Chair followed by a maximum of two, three-year terms as Board Chair.

Physicians from equity-deserving populations are particularly welcome to apply. Doctors Nova Scotia is striving to include a broader diversity of perspectives in governance positions, to ensure the organization serves all members.

Role and responsibilities

In broad terms, the Chair is responsible for the effective functioning of the Board of Directors in its role in governing the association. The Chair calls and chairs meetings of the Board and ensures that proceedings are conducted in a proper and orderly manner.

During the overlap year, the incoming Board Chair’s role will include:

  • attending Board and committee meetings as an observer
  • getting to know and building relationships with members of the Board, the CEO and senior staff
  • familiarizing themselves with the association’s governance policies and processes
  • working with the Board Chair to identify opportunities for learning and the transfer of knowledge

See Role & Responsibilities for the Board Chair and Incoming Board Chair

Selection criteria

The Nominating Committee will look for candidates who meet many or all the following criteria:

  • A member of Doctors Nova Scotia with the right to hold an office (See Rules & Regulations, Section 1 – Membership)
  • Governance experience, including:
    • experience serving on boards
    • experience chairing meetings, and
    • knowledge and understanding of rules of order/parliamentary procedures
  • Knowledge of governance practices/improvements
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills
  • Proven conflict resolution skills (be able to reach consensus in a sometimes difficult and challenging group environment)
  • Proven and demonstrated leadership qualities
  • Ability to act impartially, with tact and diplomacy
  • Ability to establish trusted advisor relationships with the CEO and other Board members
  • Can commit time between Board meetings to serving, as required, on standing committees (Executive, Governance, Nominating and CEO Evaluation committees)
  • Nomination is supported by two members of Doctors Nova Scotia

Nomination form

Each candidate must complete a nomination form and include:

  • A letter outlining:
    • why you want to be Chair of the DNS Board of Directors
    • your qualifications and how you meet the criteria for this position
  • At least two letters of reference
  • Confirmation of two physician nominators who are members of Doctors Nova Scotia
  • A short biography or CV (maximum 2 pages)
  • A completed skills and attributes survey

The selection process is outlined in the Process for Selecting the Board Chair.

Nominations are now closed.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

Doctors Nova Scotia is committed to developing and supporting a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment for both physicians and staff. We encourage applicants from equity-deserving populations to apply and self-identify when completing the skills and attributes survey.  We also encourage all applicants to share how they will bring an equity lens to leadership positions at DNS. Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is an integral component of DNS through our Strategic Plan and EDI framework. DNS considers EDI to be outcomes which are achieved through processes and tools such as reconciliation, decolonization and accessibility.

When DNS refers to “EDI work,” it is including the processes that can lead to the outcomes of EDI for all. The association’s commitments to EDI are upheld through regular education sessions; a Respectful Workplace Policy for staff, Board and committee members; external audits; a staff EDI committee; and routine application of an equity lens in all organizational decision-making. As outlined in our Board and Committee Diversity Policy, the Board will strive to foster a brave space that tackles challenging topics with respect and care, and where everyone feels comfortable participating.  If you have questions about how DNS can ensure a safe place for you or how the expression of interest process can accommodate your needs, we invite you to reach out to Maddi McKay, Chair, EDI Committee. 


Sonia Abi Ajab
Executive assistant to the President and CEO