Our services

Our services

The Professional Support Program (PSP) is a safe and confidential way for members and their families to get help, support and resources for personal or professional problems.

This may include anxiety, stress, burnout, family and relationship problems – including balancing parenting and career demands, substance use disorders, career and life transitions, workplace conflicts, psychiatric illnesses, concerns for colleagues, and medico-legal issues. In addition, the program can provide guidance and moral support to physicians who are going through an investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia.

The program’s physician counsellors offer advice, assessment and peer support to determine the best course of action. Counsellors also provide information on a variety of services and options, including private psychologists, support groups, courses and programs. They can make referrals to psychiatrists, addiction treatment programs and other medical specialists. 

Providing peer-to-peer support helps eliminate the barriers that can stop physicians and other health professionals from getting help, such as stigma, fear of licensure issues or loss of privileges, lack of access to treatment or lack of confidential peer support. 

In addition, the program promotes health and wellness initiatives through workshops, online resources and literature specific to physician health and wellness.