Professional Support Program

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Professional Support Program

Doctors Nova Scotia’s Professional Support Program (PSP) provides confidential peer-to-peer support for members and their families who are dealing with personal or professional problems. Veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary assistants may also access support. 

The PSP program responds to the urgent needs of members in crisis and also supports initiatives, workshops and other resources that promote wellness, resiliency and balanced living. Based across Nova Scotia, PSP counsellors have no affiliation with licensing and regulatory bodies or related university training programs of the professions they serve.

CMA Wellness Support Line

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has launched a new Wellness Support Line, which is tailored for physicians, learners and their families to manage the stressors they face. The support line provides short-term, solution focused support, 24-7. You do not need to be a member of the CMA to access the service.

All calls are handled by a dedicated team trained to address the unique needs and challenges faced by medical learners and physicians. The team can provide immediate crisis counselling, conducting risk assessments and matching callers to appropriate services.

The service is tied to the PSP through a dedicated toll-free line – the same phone number you’d use to access the PSP.

Funded by the Scotiabank and MD Financial Management, this new CMA offering enhances the current PSP offering provided to DNS members, by including counselling and other services that are often recommended as part of the PSP experience. Callers will be provided with links to provincial health programs to augment support, and referrals to other services when appropriate.

Help is a call away

You can access these services by calling 902-468-8215 or 1-855-275-8215 (toll-free) or by emailing

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Who we help

The PSP supports a variety of health professionals and their families, including practising and retired physicians, dentists, and veterinarians; medical students, residents and fellows; veterinary students and assistants; and the partners and dependent children of those professionals.

Confidential support

All information physicians share with the PSP counsellors is confidential, including personal and health information, and the fact that they have contacted the PSP for help. Counsellors do not collect, use or disclose information without consent or as required by law.