Annual general meeting and Members' Forum

Annual general meeting and Members' Forum


Members discussed and endorsed the following four at the 2021 virtual annual general meeting on June 12. The motions support the organization’s work and member interests. 

Dr. Leisha Hawker, President-Elect

Dr. Leisha Hawker was endorsed as President-Elect for 2021–22. Dr. Hawker is a family physician practising in Halifax. A former regional representative on the Board of Directors, she is now co-chair of the association’s e-Health Steering Committee. She completed the DNS Physician Leadership Development Program and is an active member of the sections of Physician Leaders and Indigenous Health Physicians. Dr. Hawker was one of three physicians who represented DNS before the Standing Committee on Health at the provincial legislature October 13, 2020. Dr. Hawker’s work with vulnerable populations will offer a valuable perspective on the association’s equity, diversity and inclusion work. Her term as President begins in June 2022. Learn more

New Section of MD Surgical Assistants 

The new Section of MD Surgical Assistants will be created. The application met the requirements for forming a new section as outlined in the association’s Rules and Regulations. Learn more

By-laws revisions

Bylaws revisions recommended by the Governance Committee will be implemented. Changes include incorporating revised role descriptions for the Officers of the Society and the addition of a section on indemnification, which reflects that the organization carries appropriate liability insurance for directors and officers. Learn more

Clinical assistant membership category

Clinical assistants will receive a reduction in membership dues to 50% of the full member dues, effective September 2021. Clinical assistants work under a special license, their compensation is significantly lower comparable to other full members, DNS does not negotiate their contracts and they have access to benefits through their employer Nova Scotia Health. Learn more

Members' Forum replaces motions from the floor

As motions are not accepted from the floor at the AGM, the Board has added a Members' Forum as part of the business meeting. This session is an open, informal forum for members to discuss with the DNS Board Executive and senior staff any key activities and issues the member finds interesting and relevant. Guidelines for the Members' Forum include objectives and an outline of the process.

Implementation of motions

If a motion to change the bylaws is approved at the AGM, the change comes into effect immediately. All other resolutions approved at the AGM will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in the year following the AGM.

It’s the responsibility of the Board to identify implications and determine the association's ability to carry out the resolution. The Board will take the following factors into consideration:

  • Alignment with the strategic plan and direction
  • Financial resources required
  • Staff resources required
  • Best interests of the association
  • Legal implications
  • Alignment with best practices in business and governance


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