Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP)

Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP)

The Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP) aims to enhance the skills of experienced leaders to influence health system decisions that affect physicians and patients. The program will create more visionary, collaborative, effective leaders in health care.

About the program

The Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP) aims is to enhance the skills of experienced leaders to influence health system decisions that affect physicians and patients. The program will create more visionary, collaborative, effective leaders in health care.

Program participants will collaborate on an action learning project, working to find solutions to complex, real-life problems in collaboration with their colleagues and partner organizations (including the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the IWK Health Centre, Dalhousie Medical School and DNS). The project provides an opportunity for participants to apply the skills they are learning.

The program, designed specifically for Nova Scotia physicians and delivered by physicians and leadership experts, focuses on integrative systems thinking and other key skills necessary to lead in an ever-changing health care environment.

Key program outcomes

The Physician Leadership Program will create a community of physician leaders in Nova Scotia who have the skills and abilities to be visionary, collaborative and effective leaders in health care.

Participants will:

  • Practice and apply approaches to innovation and design thinking
  • Learn to identify and apply different change methodologies in order to lead change effectively
  • Gain coaching skills and benefit from results-driven one-on-one faculty coaches
  • Gain knowledge in order to effectively influence and navigate complex systems
  • Learn to navigate the provincial health-care system/environment
  • Gain relevant business skills, such as project management, finance, conflict resolution and marketing
  • Identify and achieve individual leadership goals
  • Increase team effectiveness

Program overview and learning outcomes

Program benefits & cost

Doctors Nova Scotia subsidizes enrolment costs by paying $8,000 of the $12,000 program cost per physician participant. Each physician is responsible for covering the remaining $4,000 in program fees, plus travel to the Halifax area and accommodations.

The PLDP is applicable for CPD funding, as outlined in the Master Agreement contract. Additional professional development funding opportunities may be available to physicians. Applicants are encouraged to inquire with their employer, where applicable.

In return for this investment, participants will receive:

  • Six leadership training modules (Participants must attend all six modules of the program.)
    • Module 1: March 5 and 6, 2021**
    • Module 2: April 9 and 10, 2021**
    • Module 3: May 14 and 15, 2021
    • Module 4: June 18 and 19, 2021
    • Module 5: Sept. 10 and 11, 2021
    • Module 6:  Oct. 15-16, 2021 (Graduation)
    • Storm Date: Nov. 19 and 20
  • Five, one-hour individual coaching sessions over the course of the program
  • CPD credits
  • Leadership certificate

Five of the six modules are held in the Doctors Nova Scotia boardroom, Dartmouth and the graduation session is usually held at a special location befitting the occasion. 

**As a precaution for our learners and instructors, we propose to deliver the first few sessions of the DNS program in a virtual format. Taking a phased approach will allow us to monitor the pandemic and adjust if needed. A virtual delivery format would mean the same learning content and CPD credits, but would consist of live facilitated Zoom sessions with opportunities for group interaction. Faculty will work to make the sessions as rich and engaging as possible. More detail on the format of the sessions will follow, and will be communicated to potential candidates when the application process is launched at the end of September. 

Additional time commitment

In addition to the six face-to-face sessions, participants will, prior to Module One:

  • Attend a one-hour virtual kick-off
  • Complete a 360-degree feedback assessment
  • Participate in an action learning project that requires 2-5 hours between modules

How to apply

Application period is now closed. Only 24 seats will be available. 

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. Physicians do not need to hold a formal leadership role to participate, but they must demonstrate leadership competencies.

The PLDP was developed in partnership with Joule, a Canadian Medical Association (CMA) company, and in consultation with the NSHA, IWK and Dalhousie Medical School.



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Director, policy and physician wellness initiatives
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