Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP)

Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP)

The Physician Leadership Development Program will help Doctors Nova Scotia members become visionary, collaborative, effective leaders in health care.

Twenty-two newly minted physician leaders gathered with a number of health-care stakeholders at White Point Resort in Liverpool, N.S., in mid-April 2019 to celebrate the end of another Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP).

The comprehensive six-month course was designed specifically for Nova Scotia physicians by Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) in partnership with Joule, a Canadian Medical Association company, and in consultation with the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the IWK and Dalhousie Medical School. The program helps physicians gain valuable expertise they can apply on their journey toward becoming effective leaders in health care.

“We know that physician engagement is key to successful health-system change,” said Dr. Tim Holland, President of DNS. “This program gives physicians the skills they need to take a place at the table and advocate for lasting change. I’m excited to see what they accomplish.”

Action learning projects

In addition to developing their leadership skills, the participants also developed integrative systems thinking skills. They applied this holistic approach to problem-solving as they worked together to develop solutions to four real-life issues affecting the health-care system.

The project themes were inpatient care, establishing an academic health sciences network in Nova Scotia, supporting physicians in providing timely and compassionate medical assistance in dying, and increasing the engagement of community family medicine preceptors for undergraduate medical education in Nova Scotia.

“Doctors are on the front lines of health care every day,” said Nancy MacCready-Williams, CEO of DNS. “If anyone has the insight to find solutions to the issues they’re facing, and the passion to implement those solutions, it’s physicians.”

“I’m glad that we can help support physician leaders in Nova Scotia, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they accomplish next.”

Congratulations to our graduates:

Dr. Maria Alexiadis
Dr. Vicky Allen
Dr. Greg Bailly
Dr. Janice Chisholm
Dr. Anne Frances D’Intino
Dr. Kathy Gallagher
Dr. Leisha Hawker
Dr. Todd Howlett
Dr. Katrina Hurley
Dr. Blaine Kent
Dr. Tammy Keough-Ryan
Dr. David Lovas
Dr. Tim Mailman
Dr. Cindy Marshall
Dr. David Martell
Dr. Ashley Miller
Dr. Anna Neumann
Dr. Anthony Otley
Dr. Cheryl Pugh
Dr. Suzanne Ramsey
Dr. Tania Sullivan
Dr. Laura Whyte


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