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Let's Talk Informatics: The Pivotal Role of Standardization within Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Members of Cornwall Community Hospital’s (CCH) Informatics team will present on the pivotal role of standardization within Electronic Health Records (EHR). The presentation will review advantages brought about by Cerner's Model Experience, ensuring a seamless and uniform user experience, and discuss the numerous benefits associated with standardization, including the streamlined processes of upgrading and staying abreast of evolving technology trends. Ultimately, the conversation highlights how standardization serves as a cornerstone in amplifying efficiency and effectiveness within the dynamic realm of informatics.

About the Presenters

Julie Bernier: Clinical Informatics Nurse, Cornwall Community Hospital
Julie began her career at CCH as a Registered Nurse in the Critical Care Unit in 1993, accumulating decades of experience and demonstrating a profound commitment to patient care. In 2015, she transitioned into a pivotal role as a subject matter expert, making significant contributions to the data collection process, particularly focusing on CCU order sets and nursing documentation, in preparation for the implementation of the electronic health record.

In 2017 Julie assumed the position of a full-time Clinical Informatics Nurse. Julie plays a crucial role in the Clinical Informatics Team, ensuring the seamless integration and utilization of the electronic health record system. Julie delivers ongoing education sessions to users, addressing emerging needs and promoting optimal utilization of the system.

Jessica Emerey: Application Analyst Clinical Informatics and Continuous Improvement Department, Cornwall Community Hospital
Jessica is a Regulated Pharmacy Technician with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. Her primary focus is on the optimization of all medication-related workflows. Among other aspects of her role, she develops custom CCL, Care Pathways & Quick Visits, and Discern Rules. Jessica has completed her Health Informatics Diploma at McMaster University, as well as successfully challenging the CPHIMS-CA exams. 

Jessica joined the Cornwall Community Hospital as a Regulated Pharmacy Technician in 2005, working directly within the pharmacy. Over the past few years, Jessica has been working directly within the Clinical Informatics team, and her role has expanded to encompass diverse aspects of the hospital's EHR. 

Julia Howard: Clinical Informatics Nurse, Cornwall Community Hospital
Julia Howard is a Registered Nurse on the Clinical Informatics team and holds the additional responsibility of an ASAP Nurse.  Julia has recently transitioned to her current role where she focuses on training and supporting staff on the floor. She dedicates her efforts to answering questions and optimizing the user experience, aiming to enhance efficiency and user proficiency.

Ryan Laming: EHR Technical Lead, Cornwall Community Hospital
Ryan Laming is the EHR Technical Lead for Cornwall Community Hospital. His areas of emphasis include development of clinician documentation, Discern Rules, and MPages. Driven to continuously improve the user-experience, Ryan’s top priority is to make it easy for staff to do the right thing—in as few clicks as possible. 

Ryan has been working in healthcare at the CCH for over a decade, initially focused on Emergency Medicine. His role eventually expanded to encompass all aspects of the hospital's EHR.

Kevin Lord: Clinical Informatics Nurse, Cornwall Community Hospital
evin Lord is a dedicated Registered Nurse serving on the Clinical Informatics Team at CCH. In his role, Kevin actively engages with physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals to identify opportunities for enhancing the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, aiming to elevate the standard of patient care.

As a vital member of the Clinical Informatics Team, Kevin collaborates seamlessly with various departments within the hospital, ensuring the seamless integration of the EHR with other systems and workflows.

Nicole Johnston: Manager, Clinical Informatics (Nursing & Allied Health), Cornwall Community Hospital
Nicole Johnston, Manager of Clinical Informatics (Nursing & Allied Health), embarked on her journey at CCH in 2011 as a dedicated Registered Nurse in the Medical Unit. In 2015, she transitioned into the realm of Clinical Informatics during the pivotal development phase of CCH's Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Nicole champions the strategic use of innovative solutions to alleviate clinician burden and is currently pursuing an Executive Master's in Health Informatics. She underscores the paramount importance of end-user engagement in shaping efficient workflows.

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