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Exploring Shame in Medicine – A Virtual Session for Physicians in Atlantic Canada

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Shame is a powerful force in the experiences of medical trainees, physicians, and patients. These experiences are powerful, deeply held, and infrequently shared. Learning to speak shame can contribute to shame resilience, as can practicing self-compassion and both providing and receiving peer support.

The Peer-to-Peer Program continues working towards cultural change by facilitating discussions around topics such as shame in medicine and providing safe avenues for support for our membership.

Atlantic Canada's four physician associations partner in hosting our first ever collaborative virtual group peer support session, co-facilitated with a trauma-informed approach by Dr. Nicole Green, MSPEI's Peer-to-Peer Program Physician Lead and Meaghan Sibbett, Registered Social Worker and NBMS Wellness Manager. Together we will explore the concept of shame and how it shows up in medical training and practice. More importantly, we will create space to share both challenges and coping strategies, in an effort to alter our relationship with shame in the medical profession.

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