Childcare support

Childcare support

Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) is committed to improving physician engagement by making it easier for members to attend the annual conference in person.

The association’s Childcare Policy provides a maximum of $150 to help members offset the childcare costs they would incur while attending annual conference sessions.

Are you eligible?

Any DNS member who attends any or all of the annual conference is eligible to make a claim under this policy. The policy does not apply to DNS staff.

Childcare expenses are defined as additional expenses incurred for the purpose of caring for dependent children. To qualify, the member must confirm that their dependent fits the CRA definition of an eligible dependent.

Coverage details

Coverage includes one of the following:

  • On-site childcare (i.e. babysitting); or accommodation and travel costs for permanent caregivers (i.e. nannies) who are travelling with the member.
  • Members can claim $50 for a half day of sessions and $100 for a full day of sessions.
  • The maximum claim for any conference is $150.
  • Coverage does not include such things as medical or hospital care, clothing, entertainment or meals.

How to apply

To make a claim, you must complete a Travel Expense & Honoraria Claim Form and include supporting receipts. To ensure the claims are auditable, payments will only be made if receipts are included.

You must submit your claim to DNS within 15 days of the close of the conference. Once approved, DNS will provide payment within 60 days.


Melissa Murray
Communications coordinator
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4923