image of a fax machine with paper in it
November 4, 2021

Technology in health care is a matter of fax.

Halifax Examiner

While it’s good to see that fax issue got resolved, what I really noticed in the thread that followed was that many commenters were shocked to learn our health care system still relies on fax machines. As one commenter tweeted, “This is 2021 not 1984. The elimination of faxes cannot come fast enough.”

head shot of Dr. Heather Johnson, President, Doctor Nova Sotia
November 8, 2021

PAUL SCHNEIDEREIT: More than 80,000 now looking for a family doctor in Nova Scotia


Dr. Heather Johnson, president of Doctors Nova Scotia, says to tackle the high numbers of people in the province without primary care, we need to do a better job of retaining family physicians.

imge of medical professional taking patient's blood pressure
October 29, 2021

N.S. aims to recruit medical students, but takes different approach than with nurses

CTV News Atlantic

A day after Nova Scotia announced every nursing student who graduated in the next five years would be guaranteed a job, Premier Tim Houston didn't make the same promise to medical students -- but he did recommit to retaining and recruiting more doctors.  "People in medical school in the province, we want to keep them here," Houston said. "You'll see a similar initiative, a push to make sure that everybody graduating medical school here and elsewhere sees Nova Scotia as the place they want to practice medicine."

head shot of Dr. David Peachey, founder of Health Intelligence Inc
October 21, 2021

Canada doesn't know how bad its doctor shortage is, let alone how to fix it

National Post

Not many physicians can say they were seduced by economics, but David Peachey can. Formerly a general practitioner in rural Ontario, he’s spent the last 25 years asking a basic question: How many doctors does Canada need?

image of Dr. Ken Murray
October 21, 2021

He's 75, but this family doctor keeps postponing retirement

CBC Nova Scotia

He's been talking about retirement for years, but now one of the oldest practising family doctors in Nova Scotia says he's more worried about staffing at his community's hospital than himself.  "Yes, retirement is very much on the mind, but I want to feel good when I leave," said Dr. Ken Murray, now one of 31 family doctors over the age of 75, according to Doctors Nova Scotia.