Safely communicating with you

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Safely communicating with you

Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) is committed to keeping you informed, connected, and inspired. We take seriously our responsibility to keep you up to date on the latest news, issues and advancements that affect your medical career here in Nova Scotia.

We also take cyber security seriously (including email and website security), particularly when it comes to protecting your information.

Ensuring you hear from us

Doctors Nova Scotia has safety protocols in place to block spam and to protect our systems from hackers. We also comply with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) requirements, which dictates how we communicate with you.

On occasion, we’ve heard from physicians who have not received our emails due to the security protocols of their own email provider. And sometimes DNS’s security protocols block physicians’ emails to us in error.

This can present itself in two ways: your email doesn’t make it to DNS, or our email doesn’t make it to you.

Not receiving emails from us?

  • If you haven’t received a response to an email sent to a member of staff, call us. If there is an issue, such as our security protocols aren’t allowing your message to get through, we will address it immediately.
  • If you haven’t received our mass publications, such as the Latest News e-newsletter, COVID updates and negotiations updates, contact Trish Bennett. We’ll ensure you haven’t been mistakenly unsubscribed from our distribution lists.
  • If you have not unsubscribed but the messages are caught up in your junk or spam folder or blocked by your own email provider, you can ‘whitelist’ A quick online search will tell you how to do this; choose instructions based on your own email provider.
  • If you’ve recently updated or changed your email address, contact Trish Bennett.

Unfortunately, CASL will not allow us to re-subscribe or unblock members without their expressed consent/permission, and we can only periodically reach out to you to invite you to re-subscribe. If you’d like to re-subscribe to receive emails from our President, DNS’s bi-weekly e-newsletter and other key information about your contract, benefits and various programs/initiatives offered through your membership, contact Trish Bennett to make your request.