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Dr. Gary Ernest
May 25, 2020

Dr. Ernest talks COVID-19 with CBC Cape Breton Information Morning

CBC Radio Information Morning Cape Breton with Steve Sutherland

A prescription for vigilance. The President of Doctors Nova Scotia says we can't let our guard down as the first wave of the pandemic passes. Dr. Gary Ernest is the President of Doctors NS and a family physician in Liverpool, he tells us how his members are making out, and where they think we should go from here.

head shot of Dr. Janneke Gradstein
May 13, 2020

Trio of Amherst physicians honoured by Doctors Nova Scotia

SaltWire Network

A trio of Amherst physicians are among the recipients of awards from Doctors Nova Scotia.

Dr. Janneke Gradstein has been recognized as the 2020 winner of the Dr. William Grigor Award for her efforts to enhance the health and well-being of Nova Scotians while Dr. Kelly Morris is the Rural Physician of the Year and veteran surgeon Dr. Paul van Boxel was one of three recipients of a CMA Honorary Membership Award.

to the left of a photo there is a mother holding baby on her lap and to the right of the photo is a face a physician.  each are talking to one anther virtually
May 8, 2020

After patient visits plunge during COVID-19, N.S. doctors push for virtual sessions

CBC News

Doctors fear conditions are going untreated as people try to avoid contracting COVID-19.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Mike Wadden heard from an elderly patient who was bleeding significantly, but was too scared to go to the hospital for help.


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